Breaking News (rarely is breaking, or news)

Reporting and the media have evolved significantly in the last century. News has gone from a daily dose in the local paper, to a twice a day cycle with the morning and evening news. Today, news runs 24 hours, with many ‘news media’ channels often offering multiple channels of news. Even sports has a news cycle, ESPNNEWS is one of the most appealing news channels, with some of the biggest breaking stories. These stories range from the return of Brett Farve, to the death of Michael Jackson. In today’s world writing and reporting have become something that people need almost as much as oxygen. This can be attributed to a change from informative article to exciting and informative articles. Reporters and journalists have mastered tricks and new technologies to make their jobs even more efficient.

The most interesting thing I find is how powerful and reliable taking notes are, even without knowing shorthand. In the later pages of Harrower’s text a half dozen reporters discuss how even tape recorders fall short to the simple, lo-tech pen and paper.

This class will be exciting for me because Harrower also spends some time in the book looking at the legal reasoning and ramifications of articles and interviews. I really enjoy legal issues, and I have never focused on journalist cases before. During the course of this class I want to be able to expand my interviewing abilities so I can draw longer, more precise answers while talking less myself. I also am excited to see exactly how things work and progress in a news room. The only exposure I have had to journalists and the ‘media’ is in ads and tv specials that label journalists as evil people who will do anything to suck the blood out of a story. Time to hear the other side of the story.


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